Original Vancouver Photo Dioramas

Photo Dioramas are a custom, long-lasting, big-or-small, ship-flat, tabletop, 3D displays. Using thin, 1mm PET plastic sheets, the visual impact vs. cost 'Value Proposition' is extraordinary. 

Photo Dioramas embrace the centuries-old "diorama spirit" of setting a scene and telling a story. Photo dioramas are a new form of artist's canvas. Custom designed to your message, emotion, theme & story.

The standard 7" diorama has 4 layers and may include accessories such as: angled badge or clock, back panel data or integrated base. Photo Dioramas are patented in the United States. (Google: 'US10163376B2') Other patents & trademarks pending.

For more information, contact Ron at 1-778-800-1905 or email : photodioramas (at) gmail.com